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Update 15-09-2020

 Update 15-09-2020
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 AddedSpeak & Spell8888 375128-2ARGCDAlbumSony MusicPromo
 Added101CD 011673-2ARGDATAlbumBEB ProduccionesPromo DAT
 Added101CDStumm101SPAIN2xCDAlbumSanni RecordsReissue
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 18888375131-2ARG3"CDAlbumSony Music+ Bonus DVD - Promo
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1cdmutel15.094637507322BULCDAlbumAnimato Music
 AddedWorld In My EyesP12BONG20 / 19075941621-10EU12"BoxMutePart of the Vinyl Box Set
 AddedWorld In My EyesL12BONG20 / 19075941621-09EU12"BoxMutePart of the Vinyl Box Set
 AddedWorld In My Eyes12BONG20 / 19075941621-08EU12"BoxMutePart of the Vinyl Box Set
 AddedPolicy Of TruthL12BONG19 / 19075941621-07EU12"BoxMutePart of the Vinyl Box Set
 AddedPolicy Of Truth12BONG19 / 19075941621-06EU12"BoxMutePart of the Vinyl Box Set
 AddedEnjoy The SilenceXL12BONG18 / 19075941621-05EU12"BoxMutePart of the Vinyl Box Set
 AddedEnjoy The SilenceL12BONG18 / 19075941621-04EU12"BoxMutePart of the Vinyl Box Set
 AddedEnjoy The Silence12BONG18 / 19075941621-03EU12"BoxMutePart of the Vinyl Box Set
 AddedPersonal JesusL12BONG17 / 19075941621-02EU12"BoxMutePart of the Vinyl Box Set
 AddedPersonal Jesus12BONG17 / 19075941621-01EU12"BoxMutePart of the Vinyl Box Set
 AddedDevotionalINT 4 92188 3GERVHSVideoIntercord Ton GmbH90 minutes, 1999 reissue
 AddedSpirits In The Forest19439727682 S1USA2xBD+2xCDVideoColumbia
 AddedSpirits In The Forest19439727672 S1USA2xDVD+2xCDVideoColumbia
 AddedSpirits In The ForestSIXP 41~4JAPAN2xBD+2xCDVideoSony MusicBlue Spec CD
 AddedLive Spirits Soundtrack19439727692USA2xCDVideoColumbia
 AddedLive Spirits SoundtrackSICP 31368~9JAPANBSCD2VideoSony Music
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