Depeche Mode Single Discography

Update 21-06-2018

 Update 21-06-2018
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 AddedA Broken FrameWPCR-1323JAPANCDAlbumWEAPromo
 AddedA Broken Frame18P2-2676JAPANCDAlbumWarner-PioneerPromo
 AddedA Broken Frame8888 375134-2ARGCDAlbumSony BMGPromo
 AddedA Broken Frame094637005521ARGCDAlbumMutePromo
 AddedA Broken Frame6176-2ARGCDAlbumSum RecordsPromo
 AddedA Broken Frame3005TWLPAlbumMutePromo
 AddedA Broken FrameTI 871ARGLPAlbumABR S.A.Testpressing
 AddedA Broken FrameINT 146.804GERLPAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHTestpressing
 AddedA Broken FrameCSTUMM9PHIMCAlbumBMG Philipinas
 AddedA Broken FrameCSTUMM9POLMCAlbumMuteReissue
 AddedA Broken FrameCSTUMM9PHIMCAlbumDyna Products, Inc.
 AddedA Broken FrameNYR-S-11136PHIMCAlbumOctoarts Int.
 AddedA Broken Frame7243 8 41800 4 1FRAMCAlbumVirgin
 AddedA Broken FrameC STUMM 9SIMCAlbumPacific Music Corporation
 AddedA Broken Frame656 668-4TRMCAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedA Broken FrameCSTUMM9POLMCAlbumPolstar
 AddedA Broken FrameKL 0853YUGMCAlbumZKP RTVL
 AddedA Broken FrameCSTUMM 9SPAINMCAlbumSanni Records
 AddedA Broken Frame401444BRAMCAlbumWEA Discos Ltda.
 AddedA Broken Frame50459FRAMCAlbumVirgin
 AddedA Broken Frame92-37514CANMCAlbumSire
 AddedA Broken Frame74321125024FRAMCAlbumVogue
 AddedA Broken FrameC 30435AUSMCAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedA Broken FrameSPK1-7361SPAINMCAlbumRCA
 AddedA Broken FrameZMUT2018SAMCAlbumDavid Gresham Record
 AddedA Broken FrameFL 3 103-4RUSMCAlbumFeeLee
 AddedA Broken Frame402807SAMCAlbumCBS
 AddedA Broken FramePKF-5348JAPANMCAlbumSire
 AddedA Broken Frame740039 VG512FRAMCAlbumVogue
 AddedA Broken Frame6176-4CHILEMCAlbumSum Records
 AddedA Broken FrameTMS 81.026ARGMCAlbumRKO. S.A. / BMG
 AddedA Broken Frame656.668-4BULMCAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedA Broken FrameKOF 4 13320CHILEMCAlbumCNR DISCOS
 AddedA Broken Frame88875188932RUSCDAlbumSony BMGReissue
 AddedA Broken Frame88883770892EUCDAlbumSony BMGReissue - Deluxe edition incl. bonus DVD
 AddedA Broken Frame0946367291 2 1RUSCDAlbumGala Records
 AddedA Broken Frame88883751342EUCDAlbumSony BMGReissue
 AddedA Broken FrameSICP 30536JAPANBSCD2AlbumSony
 AddedA Broken FrameR2 23751USACDAlbumReprise
 AddedA Broken FrameD 220077USACDAlbumBMG Direct CD ClubDeluxe edition incl. bonus DVD
 AddedA Broken Frame8888 375134-2ARGCDAlbumSony BMG
 AddedA Broken Frame094637005521ARGCDAlbumEMI-OdeonRemastered
 AddedA Broken FrameMUSH32082.2AUSCDAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedA Broken FrameCDSTUMM9 / 5016025610099EUCDAlbumMuteReissue
 AddedA Broken FrameCDSTUMM9EUCDAlbumMuteReissue
 AddedA Broken Frame6176-2BRACDAlbumRoadrunner Records
 AddedA Broken FrameDM 09 10ITACDAlbumArnoldo Mondadori Editore
 AddedA Broken Frame1309101-1BRACDAlbumParadoxx
 AddedA Broken FrameD19836AUSCDAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedA Broken Frame656668-2VENCDAlbumCNR DISCOS
 AddedA Broken FrameCDSTUMM9BRACDAlbumWarner Music Brasil Ltda.
 AddedA Broken FrameCDSTUMM9CSCDAlbumMute - CSReissue
 AddedA Broken FrameCDSTUMM9TWCDAlbumPony Canyon
 AddedA Broken Frame5.0009.29.391BENELUXCDAlbumPIAS Germany
 AddedA Broken FrameCDSTUMM9SPAINCDAlbumSanni Records
 AddedA Broken FrameD 102708USACDAlbumBMG Direct CD ClubBMG Club Edition
 AddedA Broken FrameINT 836.806GERCDAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHLater release
 AddedA Broken FrameINT 846.804GERCDAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHReissue
 AddedA Broken Frame0094637939222UKRCDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedA Broken Frame1-234044USALPAlbumRepriseRemastered vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.
 AddedA Broken Frame1-234044USALPAlbumRepriseRemastered vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.
 AddedA Broken Frame58 002BRALPAlbumFermata
 AddedA Broken FrameSPL1-7361SPAINLPAlbumRCA
 AddedA Broken FrameASF 2807SALPAlbumCBS
 AddedA Broken Frame70459 PM 261FRALPAlbumVirgin
 AddedA Broken FrameVG-50413GRELPAlbumSonet
 AddedA Broken FrameINT 136.806GERLPAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHReissue
 AddedA Broken FrameINT 146.804GERLPAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHMute logo 3
 AddedA Broken FrameSTUMM9EULPAlbumSony LegacyRemastered vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.
 AddedA Broken FrameMOVLP944EULPAlbumMOV - Music On VinvylRemastered vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.
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