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Update 10-02-2018

 Update 10-02-2018
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 AddedSome Great RewardWB-25194USAMCAlbumSirePromo
 AddedSome Great RewardPCCY-00577JAPANCDAlbumPony CanyonPromo
 AddedSome Great RewardTI 818ARGLPAlbumABR S.A.WL testpressing
 AddedSome Great RewardTLP-60186ARGLPAlbumRCAPromo
 AddedSome Great Reward6170-4CHILEMCAlbumSum Records
 AddedSome Great Reward7 24384 17794 2FRAMCAlbumLabels
 AddedSome Great RewardW4-25194CANMCAlbumSireColumbia House Edition
 AddedSome Great Reward262 VG 50084GREMCAlbumVirgin
 AddedSome Great Reward724384177942RUSMCAlbumGala Records
 AddedSome Great Reward401.259BRAMCAlbumWEA Discos Ltda.
 AddedSome Great Reward656 667-4TRMCAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedSome Great RewardSTUMM19PACMCAlbumPacific Music Corporation
 AddedSome Great RewardKL 1233YUGMCAlbumRTV Ljubljana
 AddedSome Great RewardSTUMM 19CMALMCAlbumMuteSpecial edition
 AddedSome Great Reward74321 12504 4POLMCAlbumTakt musik
 AddedSome Great Reward1511THAIMCAlbumPeacock
 AddedSome Great RewardC STUMM 19SIMCAlbumBMG Singapore
 AddedSome Great RewardW4-25194USAMCAlbumSireColumbia House Edition
 AddedSome Great RewardCSTUMM19SPAINMCAlbumSanni Records
 AddedSome Great Reward145042 / 656667-4CHILEMCAlbumEMI-Odeon
 AddedSome Great Reward656.667-4BULMCAlbumKA Music
 AddedSome Great Reward836808AREMCAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedSome Great RewardNYR-S-11112PHIMCAlbumOctoarts Int.
 AddedSome Great Reward92 51944CANMCAlbumSireOriginal release
 AddedSome Great RewardSTUMM19PHIMCAlbumDyna Products, Inc.
 AddedSome Great RewardC 19620AUSMCAlbumFestival Rec.
 AddedSome Great RewardC 30436AUSMCAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedSome Great RewardINT 846.812PHIMCAlbumBMG Philipinas
 AddedSome Great RewardR2 25194USACDAlbumReprise
 AddedSome Great Reward88883770712EUCDAlbumSony MusicDeluxe edition incl. bonus DVD
 AddedSome Great Reward88883750552EUCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedSome Great RewardDMCDX4EUCDAlbumMuteDeluxe edition incl. bonus DVD
 AddedSome Great RewardCDXStumm19UKCDAlbumMuteRemastered - no copy protection
 AddedSome Great Reward094639289226RUSCDAlbumGala RecordsRemastered
 AddedSome Great Reward094637721926ARGCDAlbumEMI-OdeonDeluxe edition incl. bonus DVD
 AddedSome Great Reward0946300622 1ARGCDAlbumEMI-OdeonRemastered
 AddedSome Great RewardD 220076USACDAlbumBMG Direct MarketingBMG Club Edition - Deluxe edition incl. bonus DVD
 AddedSome Great Reward5016025610198EUCDAlbumMuteReissue
 AddedSome Great Reward925194-2BRACDAlbumWarner Music Brasil Ltda.
 AddedSome Great RewardCD STUMM 19EUCDAlbumMuteReissue
 AddedSome Great RewardCDSTUMM19CSCDAlbumMute - CSRe-issue
 AddedSome Great RewardW2 25194 541524TCANCDAlbumSireColumbia House Club Edition
 AddedSome Great RewardDM 09 08ITACDAlbumArnoldo Mondadori Editore
 AddedSome Great RewardD 101913USACDAlbumBMG Direct Marketing
 AddedSome Great Reward656667-2VENCDAlbumDiscos CNR
 AddedSome Great Reward0094637939321UKRCDAlbumComp Music Limited
 AddedSome Great RewardD30436AUSCDAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedSome Great RewardCDSTUMM19PACCDAlbumBMG Pacific
 AddedSome Great RewardSICP 30538JAPANBSCD2AlbumSonyReissue
 AddedSome Great Reward7243 8 41779 2 8 PM 570FRACDAlbumLabels
 AddedSome Great Reward7243 8 41779 2 8 PM 500FRACDAlbumLabels
 AddedSome Great Reward391.0019.29BENELUXCDAlbum[PIAS]
 AddedSome Great RewardINT 846.812GERCDAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHLater release
 AddedSome Great RewardW1 25194USALPAlbumSireColumbia House Edition
 AddedSome Great RewardSPAINLPAlbumSanni Records
 AddedSome Great RewardSTUMM 19HKLPAlbumHong Kong Records
 AddedSome Great RewardSPL1-7472SPAINLPAlbumRCA
 AddedSome Great RewardSFLI0115 (POW6089)NZLPAlbumPowderworks
 AddedSome Great Reward656 667-1GTMLPAlbumDideca Internacional
 AddedSome Great RewardLGEB-7014MEXLPAlbumSire
 AddedSome Great RewardVG50084GRELPAlbumVirgin
 AddedSome Great RewardINT 146.812GERLPAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHGrey vinyl - Mute logo 3
 AddedSome Great RewardINT 146.812GERLPAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHBlack vinyl - Mute logo 1
 AddedSome Great Reward88985330011EULPAlbumSony LegacyRemastered vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.
 AddedSome Great RewardMOVLP94EULPAlbumMOV - Music On VinvylRemastered vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.
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