Depeche Mode Album Discography

Update 16-01-2018

 Update 16-01-2018
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 AddedThe Singles 81 -> 85TI 847ARGLPAlbumABR S.A.WL Testpresseing
 AddedThe Singles 81 -> 85CMUTEL 1SPAINMCAlbumSanni Records
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1cdmutel15.0094637507322SPAINCDAlbumMute
 AddedIt's Called A Heart7Bong9UK7"SingleMuteW/L Testpressing
 AddedIt's Called A HeartNo cat #UKAcetateSingleMute1 sided acetate
 AddedIt's Called A HeartOC-EP-S17044PHIMCSingleMute
 AddedIt's Called A HeartR12BON9UK12"SingleMutePromo
 AddedIt's Called A HeartBong9UK12"SingleMutePromo
 AddedIt's Called A HeartINT 826.983GERCDSingleIntercord Ton GmbHRe-issue
 AddedIt's Called A Heart5016025630097EUCDSingleMute - Labels - Virgin
 AddedIt's Called A HeartR2 78891 BUSACDSingleRepriseFrom box set DMBX3 (14)
 AddedIt's Called A HeartINT 826.832GERCDSingleIntercord Ton GmbHRe-issue
 AddedIt's Called A HeartINT 192.573GER2x12"SingleIntercord Ton GmbHBlack vinyl - Mute logo 3
 AddedIt's Called A HeartINT 126.832GER12"SingleIntercord Ton GmbHBlack vinyl - Mute logo 3
 AddedIt's Called A Heart12Bong9UK12"SingleMuteRe-issue
 AddedIt's Called A HeartINT 126.832GER12"SingleIntercord Ton GmbHBlue vinyl
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