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Update 01-10-2017

 Update 01-10-2017
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 AddedMusic For The Masses29100ARGLPAlbumMercuryPromo
 AddedMusic For The MassesPCCY-00579JAPANCDAlbumPony CanyonPromo
 AddedMusic For The MassesTOCP-3290JAPANCDAlbumToshiba - EMIPromo
 AddedMusic For The MassesC 30438AUSMCAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedMusic For The MassesKL 1582YUGMCAlbumRTV Ljubljana
 AddedMusic For The Masses656 590-4VENMCAlbumCNR DISCOS
 AddedMusic For The MassesSTUMM 47THAIMCAlbumCBS
 AddedMusic For The MassesSTUMMKA 47SCANMCAlbumMute - BIEM/ncb
 AddedMusic For The MassesC STUMM47PACMCAlbumPacific Music Corporation
 AddedMusic For The Masses656.590-4BULMCAlbumKA Music
 AddedMusic For The Masses74321125064TRMCAlbumVogue
 AddedMusic For The Masses834261-4TRMCAlbumMercuryReissue
 AddedMusic For The Masses834261-4TRMCAlbumMercury
 AddedMusic For The MassesP 1210INDOMCAlbumPT. Aquarius Musikindo
 AddedMusic For The MassesPMG0018INDOMCAlbumPT MUSICA
 AddedMusic For The MassesMUTE-S-13103PHIMCAlbumOctoarts Int.
 AddedMusic For The MassesSTUMM47 CSIMCAlbumPacific Music Corporation
 AddedMusic For The MassesSTUMM47 CPHIMCAlbumBMG Philipinas
 AddedMusic For The MassesTC-VG 50303GREMCAlbumEMI Ireland
 AddedMusic For The Masses400118 / 767.4038BRAMCAlbumWEA Discos Ltda.
 AddedMusic For The Masses6191-4CHILEMCAlbumSum Records
 AddedMusic For The MassesC STUMM 47SPAINMCAlbumSanni Records
 AddedMusic For The MassesSTUMM47 CMALMCAlbumPacific Music Corporation
 AddedMusic For The MassesW4 25614CANMCAlbumSireColumbia House Edition
 AddedMusic For The MassesC STUMM47MALMCAlbumPony Canyon
 AddedMusic For The MassesSTUMM47-4ISMCAlbumCBS
 AddedMusic For The MassesKOF 4 13313CHILEMCAlbumCNR DISCOS
 AddedMusic For The MassesFABCSTUMM 46047BEMCAlbumIndisc
 AddedMusic For The Masses724384180447RUSMCAlbumGala Records
 AddedMusic For The MassesC STUMM 47POLMCAlbumMute
 AddedMusic For The MassesC STUMM 47POLMCAlbumPolstar
 AddedMusic For The MassesFL 3107-4RUSMCAlbumFeeLee
 AddedMusic For The MassesCStumm47UKMCAlbumMuteReiusse
 AddedMusic For The MassesW4-25614USAMCAlbumSireColumbia House Edition
 AddedMusic For The Masses145030 / 656590-4CHILEMCAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedMusic For The Masses724384180447FRAMCAlbumLabels
 AddedMusic For The Masses88883770792EUCDAlbumSony BMGReissue - Deluxe edition incl. bonus DVD
 AddedMusic For The Masses88883751322EUCDAlbumSony BMGReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesDMCDX6EUCDAlbumMuteReissue - Deluxe edition incl. bonus DVD
 AddedMusic For The MassesCDXStumm47UKCDAlbumMuteRemastered Reissue
 AddedMusic For The Masses74321125062FRACDAlbumVogueReissue
 AddedMusic For The Masses724384180423 PM500FRACDAlbumLabelsReissue
 AddedMusic For The Masses88883751322BRACDAlbumSony MusicReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesDM 09 01 1ITACDAlbumArnoldo Mondadori Editore
 AddedMusic For The MassesCD STUMM 47ITACDAlbumCorriere Della Sera
 AddedMusic For The Masses50.896ARGCDAlbumABR S.A.Original release
 AddedMusic For The Masses656590-2VENCDAlbumCNR DISCOS
 AddedMusic For The Masses0946351648 2 4RUSCDAlbumGala Records
 AddedMusic For The MassesFL 3 107-2RUSCDAlbumFeeLee
 AddedMusic For The Massesint.CDXStumm47UKRCDAlbumMute
 AddedMusic For The Masses7 14384 18042 3AUSCDAlbumVirginReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesMUSH32085.2AUSCDAlbumMushroom RecordsReissue
 AddedMusic For The Massesint.CDXSTUMM47BULCDAlbumMuteRemastered - copy protected
 AddedMusic For The MassesD30438AUSCDAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedMusic For The MassesSTUMM-47BRACDAlbumWEA Discos Ltda.
 AddedMusic For The Masses656 590-2TRCDAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedMusic For The MassesCDStumm47CSCDAlbumMute - CSReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesCDCOL7498SACDAlbumSony Music
 AddedMusic For The MassesCDMUT 2008SACDAlbumDavid Gresham Record
 AddedMusic For The MassesCD STUMM 47PACCDAlbumMuteReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesSICP 30540JAPANBSCD2AlbumSonyReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesD 100598USACDAlbumBMG Direct CD Club
 AddedMusic For The MassesD 101911USACDAlbumBMG Direct CD Club
 AddedMusic For The MassesINT 846.833GERCDAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesINT 846.833GERCDAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesINT 846.833GERCDAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesW2 25614 / 556639TCANCDAlbumSireColumbia House Edition
 AddedMusic For The MassesINT 846.833GERCDAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesINT 846.833GERCDAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHReissue
 AddedMusic For The Masses925614-2USACDAlbumSireReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesCMV 5.0047.29.391BENELUXCDAlbum[PIAS]Reissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesCDStumm47UKCDAlbumMuteReiusse
 AddedMusic For The MassesCDStumm47SWECDAlbumMute - ncbReissue
 AddedMusic For The Masses1-233916USALPAlbumRhino180 Gram - Gatefold sleeve - reissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesWBA1-233916USALPAlbumRhino180 Gram - Remastered vinyl - Gatefold sleeve
 AddedMusic For The MassesMUT2008SALPAlbumDavid Gresham RecordReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesL 30438AUSLPAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedMusic For The MassesVPL1 6744AUSLPAlbumBMG Arista/AriolaGatefold sleeve
 AddedMusic For The MassesStumm 47S-KOREALPAlbumMute
 AddedMusic For The MassesMUT 13103PHILPAlbumMute
 AddedMusic For The MassesSTUMM 47SPAINLPAlbumSanni Records
 AddedMusic For The MassesSTUMM 46047BELPAlbumIndiscReissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesW1-25614USALPAlbumSireColumbia House Edition
 AddedMusic For The Masses88985336731EULPAlbumLegacy180 Gram - Gatefold sleeve - reissue
 AddedMusic For The MassesMOVLP942EULPAlbumMOV - Music On Vinvyl180 Gram - Gatefold sleeve - reissue
 AddedViolator656279-4TRMCAlbumToCo Int.Reissue
 AddedThe Remixes 86>986219-2COCDAlbumSonolux
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1889854513016EU3xLPAlbumSony MusicReissue
 AddedGoing Backwards [Remixes]88985477461EU2x12"SingleColumbia
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