Depeche Mode Single Discography

Update 31-08-2017

 Update 31-08-2017
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 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionWBA1-234428CANLPAlbumRhino180gr - reissue - Gatefolds - remastered
 AddedBehind The WheelNo Cat #USAAcetateSingleSireSterling Sound 12" acetate
 AddedBehind The WheelNo Cat #USAVHSSingleWarner Bros.Promo 1-trk VHS
 AddedBehind The WheelDJBong15UKAcetateSingleMute10" acetate
 AddedBehind The WheelSBong15UK7"SingleAdrenalinTestpressing
 AddedBehind The Wheel144024CHILEMCSingleToCo Int.
 AddedBehind The Wheel5016025600151EUCDSingleMute - Labels - VirginRerelease
 AddedBehind The Wheel40330-2USACDSingleSire/Reprise1992 release - Slim Jewel Case
 AddedBehind The WheelINT 826.993GERCDSingleIntercord Ton GmbH1995 release
 AddedBehind The WheelVG 2108ZGRE12"SingleVirgin
 AddedBehind The WheelINT 126.876GER12"SingleIntercord Ton GmbHBlack vinyl - Mute logo #3
 AddedBehind The WheelINT 126.875GER12"SingleIntercord Ton GmbHBlack vinyl - Mute logo #3
 AddedBehind The WheelBong15UK7"SingleMuteJukebox
 AddedBehind The Wheel92 79917CAN7"SingleSire
 AddedLittle 15No Cat #UKVHSSingleDoublevisionPromo 1-trk VHS
 AddedLittle 15No Cat #UKVHSSingleDoublevisionPromo 1-trk VHS
 AddedLittle 15Little15UK7"SingleMayking RecordsTestpressing
 AddedLittle 15Little15UK7"SingleMutePromo
 AddedLittle 1590420FRA7"SingleVirginPromo
 AddedLittle 155016025680184EUCDSingleMute - Labels - VirginReissue
 AddedLittle 1540319-2USACDSingleSire/RepriseReissue
 AddedLittle 15INT 826.987GERCDSingleIntercord Ton GmbH1996 release
 AddedEverything CountsINT 826.994GERCDSingleIntercord Ton GmbH1995 release
 AddedTour Of The UniverseEUTourbookTour Program38 pages
 AddedDelta Machine TourEUTourbookTour Program40 pages
 AddedGlobal Spirit TourEUTourbookTour Program28 pages
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