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Update 03-05-2017

 Update 03-05-2017
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 AddedConstruction Time AgainCDSTUMM13PACCDAlbumMute
 AddedSome Great RewardMUSH32081.2AUSCDAlbumMushroom RecordsReissue
 AddedThe Singles 81 -> 85VPCD 6754AUSCDAlbumBMG Arista/Ariola
 AddedMusic For The MassesCD STUMM 47PACCDAlbumMute
 AddedViolatorCDMUT 2020SACDAlbumGresham Records
 AddedListening Party (European Version)No Cat #UKVHSAlbumTVPPromo VHS
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion EPKNo Cat #UKVHSAlbumTVPPromo VHS
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionW4-45243CANMCAlbumSire/Reprise
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionM-2901-1993SPAINMCAlbumSanni Records
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionTMS 81.060ARGMCAlbumRKO. S.A. / BMG
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion920668/4URMCAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCSTUMM 106SIMCAlbumBMG Pacific
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionBMGSM 7051S-KOREAMCAlbumSeoul Records
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionRMTC-005S-KOREAMCAlbumRock Music Records
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionSTUM 106-4ISMCAlbum
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionC STUMM 106.PHIMCAlbumBMG
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionBMG8356INDOMCAlbumPT MUSICA
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion44.017ECUAMCAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionM2THAIMCAlbumMGA
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCSTUMM106THAIMCAlbumBMG Pacific
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionSTCS T-920668INDMCAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionC101362USAMCAlbumBMG Direct CD ClubClub Edition
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion145070CHILEMCAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion7243 8 41802 4 9FRAMCAlbumMute - Labels
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionZMUT 2025SAMCAlbumDavid Gresham Record
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion17285TRMCAlbumBMG
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCSTUMM106MALMCAlbumBMG Pacific
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionC STUMM 40106BEMCAlbumIndisc
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion74321-13256-4ITAMCAlbumBMG Ariola
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion401.625 / 767.9424BRAMCAlbumWarner Music
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionC STUMM 106-4/1PHIMCAlbumPony Canyon
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion920668-4SAUDI-AMCAlbumStallions
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionTVC 93376AUSMCAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionTVC 93376TWMCAlbumBMG Pacific
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion7243 8 41802 4 9RUSMCAlbumGala Records
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion88883770812EUCDAlbumSony BMGBMG release - deluxe edition inc. bonus DVD
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion88883750662EUCDAlbumSony BMGBMG release
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion094637721728ARGCDAlbumEMI-OdeonReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion094637721728ARGCDAlbumEMI-OdeonDeluxe edition incl. bonus DVD
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionD220075USACDAlbumBMG Direct CD ClubDeluxe edition incl. bonus DVD
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion094637006627ARGCDAlbumEMI-OdeonReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCDW 45243CANCDAlbumSire/RepriseReiusse
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionTVD 93376 (RMD53376)AUSCDAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion6173-2BRACDAlbumRoadrunner RecordsReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion1309128-1BRACDAlbumParadoxxReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionSICP 30542JAPANBSCD2AlbumSonyReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionPCCY-00560JAPANCDAlbumPony Canyon
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionALCB-740JAPANCDAlbumAlfa Records
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion88883784382RUSCDAlbumWarner MusicReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionMUSH32088.2AUSCDAlbumMushroom Records
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion88883784382RUSCDAlbumSony MusicReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion094635164428RUSCDAlbumGala RecordsReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionW2 45243CANCDAlbumBMG Direct CD ClubClub edition
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion5016025611065UKCDAlbumMuteReiusse
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionDM 09 03ITACDAlbumArnoldo Mondadori Editore
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCDStumm106UKCDAlbumMuteReiusse
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion920668-2VENCDAlbumCNR DISCOS
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCDVIR (WFL) 604SACDAlbumRISA
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCDMUT2025SACDAlbumGresham Records
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion7243 8 41802TWCDAlbumEMI MusicReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCD STUMM 106TWCDAlbumPony CanyonReiusse
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCDSTUMM106 BMGTWCDAlbumBMG Pacific
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCDX STUMM 106UKRCDAlbumEMI MusicReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionRMTD-005S-KOREACDAlbumRock Music Records
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionBMGSD 7051S-KOREACDAlbumBMG
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionINT 846.888GERCDAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHReissue
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionCDSTUMM 46106BECDAlbumIndisc
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion391.0106.20BENELUXCDAlbum[PIAS]
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion920668GTMLPAlbumDiscos CNR
 AddedSongs Of Faith And Devotion88985337041EULPAlbumSony Music180gr - reissue - Gatefolds - remastered
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionWBA1-234428USALPAlbumRhino180gr - reissue - Gatefolds - remastered
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionMOVLP943EULPAlbumMOV - Music On Vinvyl180gr - reissue - Gatefolds - remastered
 AddedSongs Of Faith And DevotionWBA1-234428USALPAlbumRhino180gr - reissue - Gatefolds - remastered
 AddedSpirit88985411692TW2xCDAlbumColumbiaDeluxe album with Jungles Spirit Mixes CD
 AddedWhere's The Revolution [Remixes]88985420022TWCDSingleColumbiaEU release with Taiwanian OBI
 AddedWhere's The Revolution [Remixes]88985 42003 1EU2x12"SingleColumbia
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