Depeche Mode Single Discography

Update 07-02-2017

 Update 07-02-2017
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 AddedUltra EPKNo Cat #USAVHSAlbumReprisePromo 2 trk. VHS
 AddedUltraNo Cat #USADVD-RAlbumReprisePromo DVD remaster
 AddedAlbum SamplerCD REPS 119FRACDAlbumLabelsPromo
 AddedUltra Interview CD FolderVerbong 2UKPress kitAlbumMutePromo
 AddedUltraCSTUMM148CSMCAlbumMute - CS
 AddedUltra7243 8 44020 2 0ARGCDAlbumEMI-Odeon
 AddedUltraMUSH33002.2AUSCDAlbumLiberation Rec.
 AddedUltraW2 46522CANCDAlbumRepriseClub Edition
 AddedUltraCD STUMM 148CSCDAlbumMute - CS
 AddedThe Singles 81>9888883753572EUBoxAlbumSony BMGBMG rerelease
 AddedThe Singles 81>98LCDMuteL5EUBoxAlbumMute - Labels - Virgin
 AddedThe Singles 86>9888883753562EU2xCDAlbumSony BMGBMG rerelease
 AddedThe Singles 86>985016025682195EU2xCDAlbumMute2010 release
 AddedThe Singles 86>985016025682195EU2xCDAlbumMute2005 release
 AddedThe Singles 86>985016025682195EU2xCDAlbumMute2004 release
 AddedHomeNo Cat. #UKVHSSingleMuteProme VHS, 1 track
 AddedHomeR2 78894CUSACDSingleRepriseFrom Box set DMBX6 (33)
 AddedHomeMUSH01622.5AUSCDSingleMushroom Records
 AddedUseless1109824AUSCDSingleMushroom Records
 AddedUselessMUSH 01694.2AUSCDSingleMushroom Records
 AddedUseless74321 53835 4POLMCSingleBMG
 AddedUseless74321 53834 4POLMCSingleBMG
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfNo Cat #UKVHSSingleMutePromo 1-trk VHS
 AddedOnly When I Lose Myself6211-2ARGCDSingleSum RecordsPromo
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfCD44562CANCDSingleReprise
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfCBong29POLMCSinglePolstar
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfR2 78894EUSACDSingleRepriseFrom Box set DMBX6 (35)
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfLCDBONG29SPAINCDSingleRCA - BMG
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfCDSMUT30CSACDSingleDavid Gresham Record
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfLCDBONG29ITACDSingleBMG Ricordi S.P.A.
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfCDBONG29SPAINCDSingleRCA - BMG
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfCDBONG29ITACDSingleBMG Ricordi S.P.A.
 AddedWhere's The Revolution0886446298962EUDownloadSingleColumbiaDigital Download 1 track
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