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Update 01-10-2016

 Update 01-10-2016
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 AddedMGNo cat#UKCD-RMartin Gore soloMute
 AddedStrangeBVVP 90JAPANVHSVideoBMG30 minutes - Promo Copy
 AddedStrangeDS/127ARGVHSVideoDigital Sound Video30 minutes
 AddedStrange630106-3CHILEVHSVideoPolyGram Video30 minutes
 AddedStrange44145SPAINVHSVideoVirgin Vision30 minutes
 AddedStrange44145SPAINVHSVideoPolyGram Video30 minutes - 1993 reiusse
 AddedStrange38147-3CANVHSVideoWarner-Reprise30 minutes
 AddedStrange10038 PM 806FRAVHSVideoVirgin Video30 minutes
 AddedStrange630 106-3RUSVHSVideoPolygram30 minutes
 AddedStrange630106-3UKVHSVideoPolyGram Video30 minutes
 AddedStrangeNo Cat #UKVHSVideoMute Film30 minutes - Promo Video
 AddedStrange TooNo Cat #ARGVHSVideoVideo Music30 minutes
 AddedStrange TooNo Cat #UKVHSVideoMute FilmTimecode Copy
 AddedStrange Too3-38181CANVHSVideoSire/Reprise30 minutes
 AddedStrange TooBVVP-22JAPANVHSVideoBMG Video30 minutes
 AddedCompilationNo Cat #UKVHSVideoMute Film30 minutes
 AddedThe Videos 86>983850420MEXDVDVideoWarner-Reprise126 minutes, NTSC
 AddedThe Videos 86>98ROK 9132SI2xDVDVideoMute Film126 minutes
 AddedThe Videos 86>98101735AUSVHSVideoRoadshow Entertainment126 minutes
 AddedThe Videos 86>98391.2005.90CHIVHSVideo[PIAS]126 minutes
 AddedThe Videos 86>983-38504CANVHSVideoSire/Reprise126 minutes
 AddedThe Videos 86>98391.2005.90BENELUXVHSVideo[PIAS]126 minutes
 AddedThe Videos 86>98No cat #UKVHSVideoMute Film126 minutes
 AddedSome Great Videos 81>85101858AUSVHSVideoMushroom Records46 minutes, 1998 reissue
 AddedSome Great Videos 81>85MF34BENELUXVHSVideo[PIAS]46 minutes, 1998 reissue
 AddedSome Great Videos 81>855028157200871FRAVHSVideoLabels46 minutes, 1998 reissue
 AddedSome Great Videos 81>85TOVW-3294JAPANVHSVideoToshiba - EMI46 minutes, 1998 reissue
 AddedSome Great Videos 81>85MFD 34SIVCDVideoToshiba - EMI46 minutes, 1998 reissue
 AddedOne Night In ParisDVDSTUMM190EUDVDVideoMute
 AddedOne Night In ParisB0005892-77USAUMDVideoHip-O Records
 AddedOne Night In ParisNo Cat #UKVHSVideoMute Film3 trk promo VHS
 AddedOne Night In Paris5016025583133RUSVHSVideoGala Records
 AddedOne Night In Paris5016025811909SOUTH-A2xDVDVideoEMI-OdeonSouth America release
 AddedOne Night In Paris88883750839EU2xDVDVideoSony BMGBMG Re-issue 2013
 AddedOne Night In ParisLDMDVD1EU2xDVDVideoMuteRe-issue 2011
 AddedOne Night In ParisLDMDVD1EU2xDVDVideoMuteRe-issue 2009
 AddedOne Night In Paris440 018 063-9CAN2xDVDVideoUniversalAnamorphic 16:9, Dolby Digital 5.1
 AddedWalking In My Shoes (Live In Barcelona)No Cat #UKCD-RVideoMute1 trk CDR promo
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