Depeche Mode Martin Gore solo Discography

Update 27-05-2016

 Update 27-05-2016
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 AddedThe Very Best Of Volume OneCDMUTEL15UKCD-RAlbumMuteWithdrawn - The Very Best Of
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 12-49348USACDAlbumRepriseGold Stamp Promo
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1094638211723TWCDAlbumMute+ Bonus DVD
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1094638211723ARGCDAlbumMute+ Bonus DVD - Promo
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 188883751292 8ARGCDAlbumSony Music+ Bonus DVD
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1094638407928RUSCDAlbumGala Records
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1VKPD-0546S-KOREACDAlbumSony Music
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1CDCOL7497SACDAlbumSony Music
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1CD CDVIR (WF) 824SACDAlbumMute
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1YCDMUTEL15PHICDAlbumMute
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1YCDMUTEL15UKRCDAlbumMute
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1YCDMUTEL15MALCDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 10094638211723BRACDAlbumEMI Music+ Bonus DVD
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 188883751292BRACDAlbumSony Music
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 143243-2MEXCDAlbumEMI Music+ Bonus DVD
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 144256-2MEXCDAlbumSire
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 10094638211723CHILECDAlbumEMI Music+ Bonus DVD
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1A3179-2CHICDAlbumMute+ Bonus DVD
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1CDMUTEL15EUCDAlbumSony BMG
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 10094637738023BRACDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedThe Best Of - Volume 1MUTEL15EU3xLPAlbumMuteTestpressing
 AddedJohn The RevelatorNo Cat #USACD-RSingleReprise6 trk CDR promo DMD Maxi Edits
 AddedJohn The Revelator / LilianRCDBong38UKCD-RSingleMute2 trk CDR promo
 AddedJohn The RevelatorDVDBong38TWDVDSingleMute
 AddedJohn The RevelatorCDBong38TWCDSingleMute
 AddedMartyrNo Cat #UKVHSSingleMutePromo 1 trk VHS
 AddedMartyrNo Cat #USACD-RSingleReprisePromo - DMD Maxi Consumer Version
 AddedMartyrNo Cat #USA2xCD-RSingleReprisePromo - DMD Maxi DJ Version
 AddedWrongNo Cat #UKDVD-RSingleMutePromo 1 trk
 AddedWrongPCDBONG40COCD-RSingleMutePromo 9 trk
 AddedWrongNo Cat #COCD-RSingleEMI MusicPromo 9 trk
 AddedWrongNo Cat #USADVD-RSingleCapitolPromo 1 trk
 AddedWrongNo Cat #USACD-RSingleCapitolPeter RAUHOFER - "Wrong Done Right"
 AddedWrongRCDBONG40JAPANCDSingleMuteEU Release with Japanese sticker
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