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Update 16-04-2016

 Update 16-04-2016
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 AddedSounds Of The Universe584687855INDOMCAlbum
 AddedSounds Of The Universe5099969676727COCDAlbumEMI MusicWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The Universe9996967672LMALCDAlbumWarner Bros.With bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The Universe5099969676727MEXCDAlbumEMI MusicWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseLCDSTUMM300PHICDAlbumMuteWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseLCDSTUMM300SICDAlbumWarner MusicWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseLCDSTUMM300TWCDAlbumEMI MusicWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseNo cat #WWWDownloadAlbumMuteAlbum Download iTunes Pass
 AddedSounds Of The Universe697 0112UKRCDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedSounds Of The Universe697 0112THAICDAlbumMute
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseVKPD-0596S-KOREACDAlbumWarner Music
 AddedSounds Of The Universe697 0112EECDAlbumMute
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseCDSTUMM300RUSCDAlbumEMI / Gala
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseCDVIR (WF) 886SACDAlbumVirgin / EMI
 AddedSounds Of The Universe697 0112PHICDAlbumMute
 AddedSounds Of The Universe9996970112LMALCDAlbumWarner Music
 AddedSounds Of The Universe697 0112INDCDAlbumVirgin
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseCDSTUMM300MEXCDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseA3244-2(L)]CHICDAlbum
 AddedSounds Of The Universe5099969701122COCDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedSounds Of The Universe5099969676727ARGCDAlbumEMI-OdeonWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseLCDSTUMM300BRACDAlbumEMI MusicWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseLCDSTUMM300CANCDAlbumEMI MusicWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The Universe50999 6 96770 2 1USACDAlbumCapitolWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The Universe6989142GERCDAlbumMuteWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The Universe5099969701122ARGCDAlbumEMI-Odeon
 AddedSounds Of The Universe5099969701122AUSCDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedSounds Of The Universe5099969701122BRACDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedSounds Of The Universe5099969605529BULCDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedSounds Of The Universe CDSTUMM300CANCDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedSounds Of The Universe50999 6 96769 2 5USACDAlbumCapitol
 AddedSounds Of The Universe50999 6 96055 1 2USA2xLPAlbumCapitolWith bonus CD
 AddedRemixes 2: 81-11 SamplerPRCD-400204USACD-RAlbumReprisePromo
 AddedRemixes 2: 81-11XLCDMuteL18EU3xCDAlbumMute
 AddedRemixes 2: 81-11MuteL18EU6xLPAlbumMute
 AddedRemixes 2: 81-11CDMuteL18EUCDAlbumMute
 AddedDelta MachineNo Cat #WWWDownloadAlbumiTunesDeluxe album
 AddedDelta MachineSICP 3783-4JAPAN2xCDAlbumSony - ColumbiaDeluxe album
 AddedDelta Machine88765460632 S1USA2xCDAlbumSony - ColumbiaDeluxe album
 AddedDelta Machine88765460632TW2xCDAlbumSony - ColumbiaDeluxe album
 AddedDelta Machine88765 46063 2HK2xCDAlbumSony - ColumbiaDeluxe album
 AddedDelta Machine88765477122GER2xCDAlbumSony Music EntertainmentDeluxe album
 AddedDelta Machine88765460632EU2xCDAlbumSony - ColumbiaDeluxe album
 AddedDelta Machine88765460632UK2xCDAlbumSony - ColumbiaDeluxe album Promotional Copy Sticker
 AddedDelta Machine88765460622UKCDAlbumSony - ColumbiaPromo Copy Sticker
 AddedDelta Machine88765477072GERCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta Machine887654606228MEXCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta Machine88765460622BRACDAlbumSony Music Entertainment
 AddedDelta Machine8876 546062-2ARGCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta MachineSICP 3785JAPANCDAlbumSony - Columbia
 AddedDelta Machine8876 546062-2ARGCDAlbumSony - ColumbiaPromo
 AddedDelta Machine88765460622BULCDAlbumSony - Columbia
 AddedDelta Machine88765 46062 2CANCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta Machine88765 477072COCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta Machine88765 46062 2HKCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta Machine88765 46062 2EUCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta Machine88765 46062 2INDCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta MachineS20038CS-KOREACDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta Machine88765 46063 1USA2xLPAlbumSony - Columbia
 AddedDelta Machine88765 46062 2TWCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta Machine88765 46062 2THAICDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta Machine88765 46063 1EU2xLPAlbumSony - Columbia
 AddedDelta Machine88883708372UKRCDAlbumSony Music
 AddedDelta Machine88765460622 S1USACDAlbumSony - Columbia
 AddedDelta Machine88765 46062 2USACDAlbumSony - ColumbiaUS Starbucks Edition
 AddedDelta Machine88883708372RUSCDAlbumColumbia - Mute
 AddedPerfectNo cat #USACD-RSingleCapitolPromo 3 trk
 AddedPerfectNo cat #USACD-RSingleCapitolPromo 5 trk
 AddedFragile Tension / Hole To FeedPCDBong42EUCDSingleMutePromo 8 trk
 AddedFragile Tension / Hole To FeedCDBong42EUCDSingleMute
 AddedFragile Tension / Hole To Feed12Bong42EU2x12"SingleMute
 AddedPersonal Jesus 2011PRV-52702RUSA12"SingleRepriseBonus 12" single
 AddedPersonal Jesus 2011PCDBong43EUCDSingleMutePromo 6 trk
 AddedPersonal Jesus 2011No Cat #DKCD-RSingleEMI MusicPromo 6 trk
 AddedPersonal Jesus 2011No Cat #DKCD-RSingleEMI MusicPromo 1 trk
 AddedPersonal Jesus 2011No Cat #FRACD-RSingleEMI MusicPromo 1 trk
 AddedPersonal Jesus 2011No Cat #GERCD-RSingleEMI MusicPromo 3 trk
 AddedPersonal Jesus 2011No Cat #GREDVD-RSingleEMI MusicPromo 1 trk
 AddedPersonal Jesus 2011No Cat #SWEDVD-RSingleEMI MusicPromo 6 trk
 AddedPersonal Jesus 201150999 027208 21TWCDSingleMute
 AddedPersonal Jesus 201112Bong43UKR12"SingleMute
 AddedPersonal Jesus 2011CDBong43EUCDSingleMute
 AddedPersonal Jesus 201112Bong43EU12"SingleMuteColored vinyl
 AddedBehind The Wheel 2011PRCD-400205USACD-RSingleRhinoPromo 3 trk
 AddedHeavenNo cat #EUCD-RSingleSony - ColumbiaPromo 5 trk
 AddedHeaven8765475372EUCDSingleSony - Columbia - Mute
 AddedHeaven88765 46157 2USACDSingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedHeaven88765 47537 2USACDSingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedHeaven88883 70642 2USACD-RSingleColumbia - MutePromo 3 trk
 AddedHeaven8765461572EUCDSingleSony - Columbia - Mute
 AddedHeaven88765 49171 1EU12"SingleSony - Columbia - Mute
 AddedHeavenNo Cat #GREDVD-RSingleSony MusicPromo 2 trk
 AddedHeavenG010002931494CEUCD-RSingleSony MusicPromo 1 trk
 AddedHeaven88765461572TWCDSingleSony - Columbia - MuteEU Release with Taiwanian sticker
 AddedHeaven88765475372TWCDSingleSony - Columbia - MuteEU Release with Taiwanian sticker
 AddedHeavenNo Cat #UKCD-RSingleSony Music EntertainmentPromo
 AddedHeavenNo Cat #UKCD-RSingleSony Music EntertainmentPromo
 AddedHeaven8765475372PORCDSingleSony - Columbia - MutePortugal FNAC edition
 AddedSoothe My Soul88883730682USACDSingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedSoothe My Soul88883730682EUCDSingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedSoothe My Soul88883 73069 2USACDSingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedSoothe My Soul88883 73069 2EUCDSingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedSoothe My Soul88883 74977 2USACD-RSingleColumbia - MutePromo 4 trk
 AddedSoothe My Soul88883 71758 2USACD-RSingleColumbia - MutePromo 2 trk
 AddedSoothe My Soul88883730692TWCDSingleColumbia - MuteEU Release with Taiwanian sticker
 AddedSoothe My SoulG010002931655AEUCD-RSingleSony MusicPromo 1 trk
 AddedSoothe My Soul88883 73070 1EU12"SingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedShould Be Higher88883 75834 1EU12"SingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedShould Be Higher88883758322EUCDSingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedShould Be Higher88883758332EUCDSingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedShould Be Higher88883 75833 2USACDSingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedShould Be Higher88883 75832 2USACDSingleColumbia - Mute
 AddedShould Be HigherNo Cat#UKCD-RSingleColumbiaPromo 11 trk
 AddedShould Be Higher88883 7583 2TWCDSingleColumbia - MuteEU Release with Taiwanian sticker
 AddedTour Of The UniverseDMBLU6EU2xBDVideoMute
 AddedTour Of The Universe50999-9-19814-93ARG2xDVD+2xCDVideoVirgin - CapitolDeluxe edition with 2 x DVD + 2 x CD
 AddedTour Of The UniverseDMDVD6EU2xDVD+2xCDVideoMuteDeluxe edition with 2 x DVD + 2 x CD
 AddedTour Of The Universe5099907116995RUSDVDVideoMuteStandard edition with 1 x DVD
 AddedTour Of The Universe50999-9-19819-98CANDVDVideoEMI MusicStandard edition with 1 x DVD + 2 x CD
 AddedTour Of The Universe50999-9-19819-98ARGDVDVideoVirgin - CapitolStandard edition with 1 x DVD + 2 x CD
 AddedTour Of The UniverseTOBW-3383JAPANDVDVideoEMI MusicStandard edition with 1 x DVD + 2 x CD
 AddedTour Of The UniverseLDMDVD6EUDVDVideoMuteStandard edition with 1 x DVD + 2 x CD
 AddedLive In Berlin88875035642EUDVDVideoSony - Columbia
 AddedLive In Berlin88875035642ITADVDVideoSony - ColumbiaEU release with SIAE sticker
 AddedLive In Berlin88875035572EU2xCDVideoSony MusicMissprint
 AddedLive In Berlin88875035572EU2xCDVideoSony Music
 AddedLive In Berlin8887 503557-2ARG2xCDVideoColumbia
 AddedLive In Berlin8887 503557-2ARG2xCDVideoColumbiaPromo
 AddedLive In Berlin88875035572CAN2xCDVideoColumbia
 AddedLive In BerlinSICP-4347~8JAPAN2xCDVideoColumbia
 AddedLive In Berlin88875035572ITA2xCDVideoColumbiaEU release with SIAE sticker
 AddedLive In Berlin888750355720MEX2xCDVideoSony Music
 AddedLive In Berlin88875043882RUS2xCDVideoSony Music
 AddedLive In Berlin88875 035572TW2xCDVideoSony Music
 AddedLive In Berlin88875035572USA2xCDVideoSony Music
 AddedLive In BerlinNo Cat #UK2xDVD-RVideoSony MusicPromo
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