Depeche Mode Dave Gahan solo Discography

Update 19-08-2009

 Update 19-08-2009
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 AddedElements - Sounds Of The UniverseNo cat #UKCD-RAlbumMuteWatermarked promo CD-R
 AddedSounds Of The Universe InterviewNo cat #UKCD-RAlbumMute
 AddedSounds Of The Universe - DownloadsNo cat #WWWDownloadAlbumMuteSingle Tracks Download
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseBXStumm300EUBoxAlbumMuteDeluxe Box Set Edition
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseTOCP66878JAPANCDAlbumEMI MusicWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseLCDSTUMM300EUCDAlbumMuteWith bonus DVD
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseTOCP66877JAPANCDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseCDStumm300EUCDAlbumMute
 AddedSounds Of The UniverseStumm300EU2xLPAlbumMuteWith bonus CD
 AddedEverything Counts0-21183USA12"SingleWB RecordsTest pressing
 AddedWrongNo Cat #DKCD-RSingleEMI MusicPromo 9 trk
 AddedWrongNo Cat #JAPANCD-RSingleEMI MusicPromo 1 trk
 AddedWrongPCDBONG40USACD-RSingleCapitolFrankie Knuckles Remixes
 AddedWrongPCDBONG40USACD-RSingleCapitolPeter Rauhofer Remixes
 AddedWrongPCDBong40EUCDSingleMutePromo 9 trk
 AddedWrong50999 6 96518 2 3USACDSingleCapitolPromo 2 trk
 AddedWrongRCDBong40EUCDSingleMutePromo 1 trk
 AddedPeacePCDBong41UKCD-RSingleMutePromo 7 trk
 AddedPeacePCDBong41EUCDSingleMutePromo 8 trk
 AddedPeaceRCDBong41EUCDSingleMutePromo 1 trk
 AddedPeaceNo cat #EUDownloadSingleMuteDigital download bundle #2
 AddedPeaceNo cat #EUDownloadSingleMuteDigital download bundle #1
 AddedPeaceBong41EU7"SingleMuteWhite marble vinyl
 AddedPerfect50999 6 84009 2 7USACDSingleCapitolPromo 1 trk
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