Depeche Mode Dave Gahan solo Discography

Update 29-04-2008

 Update 29-04-2008
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 AddedKingdomNo cat #USACD-RDave Gahan soloVirgin
 AddedHourglassNo cat #UKCD-RDave Gahan soloMuteEncoded cdr with name and number
 AddedHourglass RemixesLSTUMM288USALPDave Gahan soloMuteVinyl + bonus CD
 AddedHourglass5099951252724PHICDDave Gahan soloEMI MusicIncl. 2 promo postcards
 AddedHourglass5099950871629ARGCDDave Gahan soloEMI-Odeon
 AddedHourglass5099950871629CANCDDave Gahan soloEMI Music
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