Depeche Mode Martin Gore solo Discography

Update 07-11-2005

 Update 07-11-2005
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 AddedExciter7243 8102443 24MALCDAlbumEMI Music
 AddedPlaying The AngelCDW 49348CANCDAlbumReprise
 AddedPreciousCDW 42831CANCDSingleReprise
 AddedA Pain That I'm Used ToDVDBong36EUDVDSingleMute
 AddedA Pain That I'm Used Toint.LCDBong36EUCDSingleMute
 AddedA Pain That I'm Used Toint.CDBong36EUCDSingleMute
 AddedA Pain That I'm Used ToL12Bong36EU12"SingleMute
 AddedA Pain That I'm Used To12Bong36EU12"SingleMute
 AddedA Pain That I'm Used ToBong36EU7"SingleMutePicture Disc
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