Depeche Mode Single Discography

Update 16-10-2005

 Update 16-10-2005
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 AddedSome Great Reward540100FRALPAlbumVogue
 AddedPlaying The AngelLCDStumm260EUSACDAlbumMuteDeluxe edition with Bonus DVD
 AddedGet The Balance Right310969FRA12"SingleVogue
 AddedEverything Counts310998FRA12"SingleVogue
 AddedLove In Itself311009FRA12"SingleVogue
 AddedPeople Are People311046FRA12"SingleVogue
 AddedShake The Disease585006FRA12"SingleVogue
 AddedNever Let Me Down Again80323FRA12"SingleVirgin
 AddedBehind The Wheel80352FRA12"SingleVirgin
 AddedEnjoy The Silence80517FRA12"SingleVirgin
 AddedI Feel You74321132801FRA12"SingleVogue
 AddedIn Your Room74321184091FRA12"SingleVogue
 AddedPreciousNo Cat #DKCD-RSingleEMI MusicPromo
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