Depeche Mode Soundtrack Discography

Update 25-04-2005

 Update 25-04-2005
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 AddedConstruction Time Again9 23900-2USACDAlbumSire
 AddedSome Great Reward25194-2USACDAlbumSire
 AddedThe Singles 81 -> 85CDMUT 2001SACDAlbumGresham Records
 AddedThe Singles 81 -> 85INT 446.817GERMCAlbumIntercord Ton GmbH
 AddedBlack CelebrationINT 436.809GERMCAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHLater release
 AddedMusic For The MassesAIC-28033JAPANMCAlbumMute
 AddedMusic For The MassesINT 446.833GERMCAlbumIntercord Ton GmbH
 AddedMusic For The Masses08-024075-30SWEMCAlbumMute - ncb
 AddedViolator9 26081-2USACDAlbumSire/Reprise
 AddedUltraINT 893.247GERCDAlbumIntercord Ton GmbHPromo, same as PCDStumm148
 AddedUltraINT 4 84456 4GERMCAlbumIntercord Ton GmbH
 AddedUltraD118371USACDAlbumBMG Direct CD Club
 AddedThe Singles 86>98INT 4 84573 4GERMCAlbumIntercord Ton GmbH
 AddedThe Singles 81>85TOCP-50715JAPANCDAlbumToshiba - EMI
 AddedIt's Called A Heart785008FRAMCSingleVogue
 AddedIt's Called A HeartOC-EP-17044PHI12"SingleOctoarts Int.
 AddedStrippedMUS 710ZIM7"SingleDJM Records
 AddedA Question Of Time50466FRAMCSingleVirgin
 AddedNever Let Me Down AgainBONG1246014BE12"SingleMute
 AddedLittle 15INT 126.880GER12"SingleIntercord Ton GmbH"Musterplatte"
 AddedPersonal JesusLBONG1246117BE12"SingleIndisc
 AddedPersonal JesusBONG1246017BE12"SingleIndisc
 AddedWorld In My EyesBONG1246020BE12"SingleIndisc
 AddedI Feel You74321133342FRACDSingleVogue
 AddedI Feel You74321132571FRA12"SingleVogue
 AddedThe Italian Mute Evidence74321-14714-2ITACDCompilationBMG
 AddedHot TicketsNo Cat #UKCDCompilation
 AddedCounterfeit e.p9 25980-2USACDMartin Gore soloSire
 AddedThe Very Best Of Razormaid! VRM-CD-05USA2xCDDJ RemixRazor Maid Records
 AddedFor The MassesNo Cat #CD-RTributeA&M US 16-trk gold CD-R acetate
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