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Update 06-03-2005

 Update 06-03-2005
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 AddedMusic For The Masses670.4038BRALPAlbumWEA Discos Ltda.
 Added101675.5002BRA2xLPAlbumWEA Discos Ltda.
 AddedJust Can't Get Enough2041-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedSee You2042-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedLeave In Silence2021-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedEverything Counts2022-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedLove In Itself2032-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedPeople Are People2035-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedMaster And Servant2024-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedBlasphemous Rumours12Bong7UK12"SingleMuteMayking Testpessing
 AddedBlasphemous Rumours2025-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedShake The DiseaseOC-EP-17037PHI12"SingleNew York Records
 AddedIt's Called A Heart2027-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedStripped2036-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedBut Not TonightOC-EP-17103PHI12"SingleOctoarts Int.
 AddedA Question Of Time2034-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedStrangelove2033-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedNever Let Me Down Again2039-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedBehind The Wheel2030-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedLittle 152031-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedEverything Counts2044-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedEnjoy The Silence2040-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedPolicy Of Truth80533FRA12"SingleVirgin
 AddedI Feel You2034-2BRACDSingleSum Records
 AddedBarrel Of A Gun2050-2BRACDSingleSum Records
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