Depeche Mode Dave Gahan solo Discography

Update 16-02-2004

 Update 16-02-2004
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 AddedThe Singles 81 -> 85Mute1ISMCAlbumCBS
 AddedSingles Box 4 (CD 19-24)DMBX4EUBoxBoxMuteDMBX4 Box inc. booklet
 AddedStrangeloveCDBong13XEUCDSingleMuteFrom box set DMBX4 (19)
 AddedNever Let Me Down AgainCDBong14XEUCDSingleMuteFrom box set DMBX4 (20)
 AddedBehind The WheelCDBong15XEUCDSingleMuteFrom box set DMBX4 (21)
 AddedEverything CountsCDBong16XEUCDSingleMuteFrom box set DMBX4 (22)
 AddedPersonal JesusCDBong17XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX4 (23)
 AddedEnjoy The SilenceCDBong18XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX4 (24)
 AddedSingles Box 5 (CD 25-30)DMBX5EUBoxBoxMuteDMBX5 Box inc. booklet
 AddedPolicy Of TruthCDBong19XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX5 (25)
 AddedWorld In My EyesCDBong20XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX5 (26)
 AddedI Feel YouCDBong21XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX5 (27)
 AddedWalking In My ShoesCDBong22XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX5 (28)
 AddedCondemnationCDBong23XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX5 (29)
 AddedIn Your RoomCDBong24XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX5 (30)
 AddedSingles Box 6 (CD 30-36)DMBX6EUBoxBoxMuteDMBX6 Box inc. booklet
 AddedBarrel Of A GunCDBong25XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX6 (31)
 AddedIt's No GoodCDBong26XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX6 (32)
 AddedHomeCDBong27XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX6 (33)
 AddedUselessCDBong28XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX6 (34)
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfCDBong29XEUCDSingleMuteFrom Box set DMBX6 (35)
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfMUSH01781.3AUSCDSingleMushroom Records
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfMUSH01781.5AUSCDSingleMushroom Records
 AddedOnly When I Lose MyselfMUSH01781.2AUSCDSingleMushroom Records
 AddedLoverman EP²+DVDMUTE322NTSCEUDVDMartin Gore soloMuteDVD (NTSC) + CD.
 AddedPaper MonstersCStumm216HUNMCDave Gahan soloJJSR Productions inc.
 AddedA Little PieceIDVDStumm216UKDownloadDave Gahan soloMute
 AddedLive MonstersR2 970296USADVDDave Gahan soloRepriseLive from Paris 2003
 AddedLive MonstersDVDSTUMM216EUDVDDave Gahan soloMute FilmLive from Paris 2003
 AddedRaph - MY CARESS - a piano tributeNo cat #FRACD-RTribute
 Added101DMDVD3SCAN2xDVDVideoPlayground Music
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