Depeche Mode Single Discography

Update 01-02-2004

 Update 01-02-2004
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 AddedBlack Celebration254292 0MEXCDAlbumReprise
 AddedCounterfeit²484692-5MEXCDMartin Gore soloReprise
 AddedPaper Monsters4847120MEXCDDave Gahan soloReprise
 AddedClass X - CX-1CX-CD-01USACDDJ RemixClass X
 AddedClass X - CX-2CX-CD-02USACDDJ RemixClass X
 AddedChronicles : OneDIDX011398USACDDJ RemixArt Of Mix
 AddedArt Of Compilation CD3CD3USACDDJ RemixArt Of Mix
 AddedArt Of Compilation CD5CD5USACDDJ RemixArt Of Mix
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