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SleeveA Question Of LustP-2133JAPAN7"Single
Front detailStrangeloveALI-13017JAPAN12"Single
Back detailStrangeloveALI-13017JAPAN12"Single
Label AStrangeloveALI-13017JAPAN12"Single
Label BStrangeloveALI-13017JAPAN12"Single
Front sleevePersonal JesusJ.B.355ITA7"SinglePromo
Back sleevePersonal JesusJ.B.355ITA7"SinglePromo
Front sleevePersonal JesusJ.B.355ITA7"SinglePromo
StripPersonal JesusJ.B.355ITA7"SinglePromo
Front posterI Feel YouALCB 721JAPANCDSingle
Back posterI Feel YouALCB 721JAPANCDSingle
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