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Back detailSpeak & SpellStumm5AUSLPAlbum
Label ASpeak & SpellStumm5AUSLPAlbum
Label BSpeak & SpellStumm5AUSLPAlbum
Gatefold detailA Broken FramePOW6042AUSLPAlbum
Label AA Broken FramePOW6042AUSLPAlbum
Label BA Broken FramePOW6042AUSLPAlbum
Back detailConstruction Time AgainStumm13AUSLPAlbum
Inner detailConstruction Time AgainStumm13AUSLPAlbum
Label AConstruction Time AgainStumm13AUSLPAlbum
Label BConstruction Time AgainStumm13AUSLPAlbum
Label ASome Great RewardStumm19AUSLPAlbum
Label BSome Great RewardStumm19AUSLPAlbum
Back detailSome Great RewardSFLI0115 (POW6089)AUSLPAlbum
Label ASome Great RewardSFLI0115 (POW6089)AUSLPAlbum
Label BSome Great RewardSFLI0115 (POW6089)AUSLPAlbum
Inner detailThe Singles 81 -> 85MUTEL 1AUSLPAlbum
Label AThe Singles 81 -> 85MUTEL 1AUSLPAlbum
Label BThe Singles 81 -> 85MUTEL 1AUSLPAlbum
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