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 Pleasure Little Treasure
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Video Live 1988To the Top
Directed by D. A. Pennebaker
Available on commercial CD / DVD releases 
Video Live 19881010094633691292UKR2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101DVCOL7500SA2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101DVDVIRD (DVUM) 763SA2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101724349088597ARG2xDVD9B
Video Live 198810172435991219BRA2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101724349088597SOUTH-A2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101LDMDVD3EU2xDVD9B
Video Live 198810188883750679EU2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101R2 970248USA2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101391.0101.075BENELUX2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101DMDVD3SCAN2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101DMDVD3NTSCEU2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101DMDVD3EU2xDVD9B
Video Live 1988101DMDVD3UK2xDVD9B
Video versions
 Video Live 1988

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 Glitter Mix
 Join Mix
 Live 1988-06-18 Pasadena Rose Bowl, USA
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Collectors Of The Universe
Speak and Collect
Collectors Spirit
To the Top
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