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Singles Box Set 5 - DMBX5 · AAC

The Complete Depeche Mode


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1.Policy Of TruthSingle Version5:10
2.KaleidSingle Version4:17
3.Policy Of TruthBeat Box Mix7:13
4.Policy Of TruthCapitol Mix8:00
5.KaleidWhen Worlds Mix5:22
6.Policy Of TruthTrancentral Mix5:55
8.Policy Of TruthPavlov's Dub6:02
9.World In My EyesSingle Version3:58
10.Happiest GirlJack Mix4:58
11.Sea Of SinTonal Mix4:43
12.World In My EyesOil Tank Mix [Long Intro]7:50
13.Happiest GirlKiss-A-Mix6:15
14.Sea Of SinSensoria6:07
15.World In My EyesDub In My Eyes6:54
16.World In My EyesMode To Joy6:32
17.Happiest GirlThe Pulsating Orbital Mix6:26
18.World In My EyesMayhem Mode4:56
19.Happiest GirlThe Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix8:01
20.I Feel YouAlbum Version4:35
21.One CaressAlbum Version3:30
22.I Feel YouThrob Mix6:47
23.I Feel YouBabylon Mix7:53
24.I Feel YouLife's Too Short Mix8:35
25.I Feel YouSwamp Mix7:28
26.I Feel YouAfghan Surgery Mix4:58
27.I Feel YouHelmet At The Helm Mix6:41
28.Walking In My ShoesSingle Version4:59
29.My JoySingle Version3:57
30.Walking In My ShoesGrungy Gonads Mix6:24
31.My JoySlow Slide Mix5:11
32.Walking In My ShoesExtended Twelve Inch Mix6:54
33.Walking In My ShoesRandom Carpet Mix6:35
34.Walking In My ShoesAnandamidic Mix6:11
35.Walking In My ShoesAmbient Whale Mix4:54
36.CondemnationParis Mix3:21
37.Death's DoorJazz Mix6:38
38.RushSpiritual Guidance Mix5:31
39.RushAmylnitrate Mix (Instrumental)7:43
40.RushWild Planet Mix6:23
41.CondemnationLive 19934:08
42.Personal JesusLive 1993 Milan, Italy6:00
43.Enjoy The SilenceLive 1993 Milan, Italy6:47
44.HaloLive 1993 Milan, Italy4:56
45.In Your RoomZephyr Mix4:50
46.Higher LoveAdrenaline Mix - Edit4:48
47.In Your RoomApex Mix6:43
48.In Your RoomThe Jeep Rock Mix6:19
49.Higher LoveAdrenaline Mix7:49
50.In Your RoomExtended Zephyr Mix6:43
51.In Your RoomLive 1993-07-29 Lievin, France6:51
52.Policy Of TruthLive 1993-07-29 Lievin, France5:08
53.World In My EyesLive 1993-07-29 Lievin, France6:16
54.Fly On The WindscreenLive 1993-07-29 Lievin, France5:20
55.Never Let Me Down AgainLive 1993-07-29 Lievin, France5:01
56.Death's DoorLive 1993-07-29 Lievin, France2:45
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