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RTA: Bell Centre, Montreal, CANADA · 2xCD


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170506 DMLHNCD11

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1.IntroLive 2006
2.A Pain That I'm Used ToLive 2006
3.A Question Of TimeLive 2006
4.Suffer WellLive 2006
5.PreciousLive 2006
6.Walking In My ShoesLive 2006
7.StrippedLive 2006
8.HomeLive 2006
9.JudasLive 2006
10.In Your RoomLive 2006
11.Nothing's ImpossibleLive 2006
12.I Feel YouLive 2006
13.John The RevelatorLive 2006
14.Behind The WheelLive 2006
15.World In My EyesLive 2006
16.Personal JesusLive 2006
17.Enjoy The SilenceLive 2006
18.Shake The DiseaseLive 2006
19.PhotographicLive 2006
20.Never Let Me Down AgainLive 2006
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This show is available as a 2CD set or as a digital download with a printable cover and interactive booklet.


The print on the cover is orange/red. 
 RTA: Terra Vibe, Athens, Greece2xCD 010806 DMLHNCD47
 RTA: Kurucesme Arena, Bosphorous Park, Istanbul, Turkey2xCD 300706 DMLHNCD46
 RTA: Granada Plaza de Toros, Spain2xCD 260706 DMLHNCD44
 RTA: Torrevieja Parque Antonio Soria, Alicante, Spain2xCD 250706 DMLHNCD43
 RTA: San Sebastian Stadio Anoeta, Spain2xCD 220706 DMLHNCD41
 RTA: Nimes Antic Arena, France2xCD 200706 DMLHNCD40
 RTA: Nyon Paleo Festival Nyon, Switzerland2xCD 190706 DMLHNCD39
 RTA: Curva Olympico, Rome, Italy2xCD 170706 DMLHNCD38
 RTA: Festwiese Liepzig, Germany2xCD 150706 DMLHNCD37
 RTA: Waldbuhne, Berlin, Germany2xCD 130706 DMLHNCD36
 RTA: Waldbuhne, Berlin, Germany2xCD 120706 DMLHNCD35
 RTA: Moon & Stars, Locarno, Switzerland2xCD 100706 DMLHNCD34
 RTA: Stockholm Stadium, Sweden2xCD 070706 DMLHNCD33
 RTA: Werchter Festival, Belgium2xCD 020706 DMLHNCD32
 RTA: Eurockeennes, Belfort, France2xCD 010706 DMLHNCD31
 RTA: City Square, Arras, France2xCD 290606 DMLHNCD30
 RTA: Waldbuhne, Berlin, Germany2xCD 280606 DMLHNCD29
 RTA: The Point, Dublin, Ireland2xCD 260606 DMLHNCD28
 RTA: Wireless Festival, London, UK2xCD 250606 DMLHNCD27
 RTA: Stadionul National, Bucuresti, Romania2xCD 230606 DMLHNCD26
 RTA: Lokomotiv Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria2xCD 210606 DMLHNCD25
 RTA: Greenfield Festival, Interlaken, Switzerland2xCD 170606 DMLHNCD24
 RTA: Heineken Jammin' Festival, Imola, Italy2xCD 160606 DMLHNCD23
 RTA: Stadion Bezigrad, Ljubljana, Slovenija2xCD 140606 DMLHNCD22
 RTA:: Puskas Ferenc Stadion - Budapest, Hungary2xCD 120606 DMLHNCD21
 RTA: Stadion Inter Bratislava, Slovak2xCD 110606 DMLHNCD20
 RTA: Warsaw Legia Stadium, Poland2xCD 090606 DMLHNCD19
 RTA: Aarhus Stadium, Denmark2xCD 070606 DMLHNCD18
 RTA: Bremen Weser-Stadion, Germany2xCD 050606 DMLHNCD17
 RTA: Rock Am Ring, Nurburgring, Germany2xCD 040506 DMLHNCD16
 RTA: Rock Im Park, Nuremburg, Germany2xCD 020606 DMLHNCD15
 RTA: Nissan Pavillion, Washington, USA2xCD 210506 DMLHNCD14
 RTA: Borgata, Atlantic City, USA2xCD 200506 DMLHNCD13
 RTA: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, CANADA2xCD 180506 DMLHNCD12
 RTA: Bell Centre, Montreal, CANADA2xCD 170506 DMLHNCD11
 RTA: PNC BankArts Center, Holmdel, USA2xCD 140506 DMLHNCD10
 RTA: Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantaugh, USA2xCD 130506 DMLHNCD09
 RTA: Arena, Monterrey MEXICO2xCD 070506 DMLHNCD06
 RTA: Foro So Stadium, Mexico City MEXICO2xCD 050506 DMLHNCD05
 RTA: Foro So Stadium, Mexico City MEXICO2xCD 040506 DMLHNCD04
 RTA: Las Vegas, USA2xCD 300406 DMLHNCD03
 RTA: Coachella, Indio CA, USA2xCD 290406 DMLHNCD02
 RTA: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View CA, USA2xCD 270406 DMLHNCD01
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