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A1.New LifeAlbum Version3:46
2.I Sometimes Wish I Was DeadAlbum Version2:18
3.PuppetsAlbum Version3:58
4.Boys Say Go!Album Version3:07
5.NodiscoAlbum Version4:15
6.What's Your Name?Album Version2:45
7.PhotographicAlbum Version4:44
8.Tora! Tora! Tora!Album Version4:37
9.Big MuffAlbum Version4:24
10.Any Second NowVoices2:35
11.Just Can't Get EnoughAlbum Version3:44
12.Dreaming Of MeSingle Version (Does not fade out)4:03
13.Ice MachineSingle Version (Does not fade)4:05
14.Shout!Single Version3:46
15.Any Second NowSingle Version3:08
16.Just Can't Get EnoughSchizo Mix6:44
B1.Leave In SilenceAlbum Version4:48
2.My Secret GardenAlbum Version4:46
3.MonumentAlbum Version3:14
4.Nothing To FearAlbum Version4:16
5.See YouAlbum Version4:33
6.SatelliteAlbum Version4:43
7.The Meaning Of LoveAlbum Version3:06
8.A Photograph Of YouAlbum Version3:05
9.Shouldn't Have Done ThatAlbum Version3:13
10.The Sun & The RainfallAlbum Version5:05
C1.Love In Itself1 [Album Version]4:29
2.More Than A PartyAlbum Version4:45
3.PipelineAlbum Version5:54
4.Everything CountsAlbum Version4:20
5.Two Minute WarningAlbum Version4:13
6.ShameAlbum Version3:51
7.The Landscape Is ChangingAlbum Version4:49
8.Told You SoAlbum Version4:26
9.And Then...Album Version4:36
10.Everything CountsReprise0:55
D1.Something To DoAlbum Version3:46
2.Lie To MeAlbum Version5:03
3.People Are PeopleAlbum Version3:52
4.It Doesn't MatterAlbum Version4:45
5.Stories Of OldAlbum Version3:14
6.SomebodyAlbum Version4:27
7.Master And ServantAlbum Version4:12
8.If You WantAlbum version4:40
9.Blasphemous RumoursAlbum Version6:22
E1.Black CelebrationAlbum Version4:57
2.Fly On The WindscreenFinal5:19
3.A Question Of LustSingle Version4:22
4.SometimesAlbum Version1:54
5.It Doesn't Matter TwoAlbum Version2:51
6.A Question Of TimeAlbum Version4:09
7.StrippedAlbum Version4:17
8.Here Is The HouseAlbum Version4:16
9.World Full Of NothingAlbum Version2:48
10.Dressed In BlackAlbum Version2:34
11.New DressAlbum Version3:42
12.Breathing In FumesSingle Version6:07
13.But Not TonightExtended Remix5:13
14.Black DayAlbum Version2:36
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In a "special offer "box contains 5 CD albums: Speak And Spell (cdstumm46005), A Broken Frame (cdstumm46009), Construction Time Again (cdstumm46013), Some Great Reward (cdstumm46019), Black Celebration (cdstumm46026). 
 Some Great Reward / Black Celebration / Music For The Masses3xCD 391.9998.60
 101 - Violator2xCD 391.9998.60
 Depeche Mode 5-CD BoxBox CD STUMM 4600
 Touring The Angel: Live In Milan / The Best Of Videos, Volume 12xDVD 5099964695891
 Playing The Angel / Exciter2xCD 5099964695204
 Some Great Reward / Black Celebration / Construction Time Again3xCD No Cat #
 Black Celebration / Songs Of Faith And Devotion2xCD 094633646223
 Music For The Masses / Violator2xCD 0946 3 36459 2 9
 One Night In Paris - The Exciter Tour 2001 / The Videos 86>98+4xDVD 724359996097
 Songs Of Faith And Devotion / Violator2xCD 724386646828 PM 603
 Speak & Spell / A Broken Frame / Construction Time Again3xCD 724386647023 PM604
 Exciter / Ultra2xCD 724381080429 PM 601
 Exciter / Ultra2xCD 724359117225 PM 603
 Exciter / Ultra2xCD 724381326527 PM 603
 Black Celebration / Music For The Masses / Violator3xCD 724381326626 PM604
 Violator / Ultra2xCD 724384647520 PM 638
 Violator / Songs Of Faith And Devotion / Ultra3xCD 724384498627 PM 637
 Speak & Spell / A Broken Frame / Construction Time Again3xCD 724384214623 PM 539
 Black Celebration / Music For The Masses2xCD 724384213428 PM 535
 Speak & Spell / A Broken Frame / Construction Time Again3xCD 724384214623 PM 539
 Some Great Reward / Black Celebration / Music For The Masses3xCD 8421452 PM 539
 Speak & Spell / Some Great Reward2xCD 8421332 PM 535
 Some Great Reward / Black Celebration / Music For The Masses3xCD 743212825725 BM 633
 Speak & Spell / Black Celebration2xCD 74321296172 BM 342
 Speak & Spell / Some Great Reward3xCD 743212820720 BM 633
 Music For The Masses / Violator2xCD CDCBOXD (WM) 015
 Best Of Depech ModeBox 15-6505
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