Depmod.com is an unofficial fan-based Depeche Mode discography, and it does not pretend to represent the views of Depeche Mode or their related members, their labels, or anyone formerly associated in any way with the band.

The discography it's getting bigger and bigger all the time and I think it's the largest online Depeche Mode discography. With more than 4300 variations and 14000 images probably the largest discography for any band in the world!

I started to work on the database back in spring 1998, because I wanted a list with my own collection. Especially as a help for finding the cds in the Strike serie (bootlegs) that I was missing. Of course it was useful to see those lists online so I started uploading the list to a website in 1999.

After one year I decided to get my own domain and in February 2000 I registered www.depmod.com, because I wanted a short name that was clearly connected to Depeche Mode. In 2000 I was also hosting lists with collections for Jan Forsberg (also known as PJRED, because of his famous Person Jesus 7" on red vinyl) and Pascal Kaszczyk's huge collection. So back in 2000 depmod.com was hosting 3 online collections and a small shop where I was selling my doubles. Jan has now sold his collection and it's no longer online and Pascal has now stopped collecting and he has also been selling parts of his collection.

With all the new stuff coming in the spring of 2001, there wasn't a Depeche Mode site listing all the new items. Many fake bootlegs were hitting eBay, so I started to list all official items as fast as they were released. And from the mails I received back then, I know many collectors were using the site to awoid spending their money on buying fake bootlegs.

After the hype was over in 2001 the site was down for a period, but many people told me it was very useful and asked me to continue with it. So after a while I re-launched the site and this time with older releases too. As a start showing the items from my own collection only. Then it was a real discography (but far from complete). Zambaks' Collectors Reference was and still is a fantastic tool, but unfortunately it didn't contain any images of the items.

The site became really alive in May 2002 when the forum was launched. Until then there wasn't a place for collectors to talk about trainspotting details. Short after Vlad offered his help and he became the main moderator of the forum. Due to Vlad fantastic friendly and helpful personality the forum soon became the place where many collectors are in daily contact with other collectors. Besides all the collectors talk, it's also a great pleasure to see who the members (depmoids) sometimes arrange small meetings in real life.

Due to the success of the site, the bandwidth use exploded, and I had to find new hosting company. The combination of the need of many MB of disk use and free bandwidth wasn't easy to find cheap without banners. The problem was getting bigger and bigger until I was contacted by Amigo. He was at that time a part of the modesite.net team (now depeche-mode.com, the leading DM fan site) and he liked Depmod.com so much that he offered to host the site on his servers. Early 2003 the site moved to Amigos server, and I don't think the site would have been here today if it wasn't for Amigo's kindness. In 2008 a friend of Amigo took over the hosting job but in 2009 depmod was removed to a more professional hosting compagny.

Since 2002 we are regular to hold contests on our Collectors Forum, we try to arrange great prizes and always please our visitors. Due to some great collaborations these contests became more interesting and surprising. We are very thankful to our contests sponsors and looking forward for more great moments on site. Contests held previously two times a year, then, there was decided to have a X-mas contest only, which is regularly starts at the 1st of December. Be sure to check it out.

In 2005, after 6 month of preparations, we have issued a limited quantity of Depmod T-shirts (100 pcs.) and Jackets (20 pcs). All merchandise have been sold out among registered members of the forum. 9 of the T-shirts have been presented to the Depeche Mode, Alan Wilder, Anton Corbijn and Band management.

The 1st official Depmod convention was held in Dusseldorf, Germany in January 2006. About 50-60 depmoids came along and got a special depmod gift, a keychain with depmod logo and dates of convention. Unfortunately I couldn't make it myself due to heavy snow in Denmark. But after this convention the forum members became more and more like a big family and many friendships were made along us.

In 2008 Vlad needed help with moderating the forum and we were very lucky that Alex Picha wanted to help us. He is now permanent member of the Depmod team.

The 2nd official Depmod Convention took place 9/6-2009 in Berlin the day before DM was playing at the Olympic Station for 60.000 fans. The "Convention Of The Universe" was arranged in cooperation with Dennis from Blackswarm.de and was a big success with many depmoids from all over Europe and had Nitzer Ebb and De/Vision playing live on stage. A new Depmod T-shirt and cap were represented and sold at the convention for the first time. Many of the depmoids stayed at the same hotel and all spend some great time together in Berlin.

To be continued .....

Lars Worm Beck
Database Totals

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